During Late Summer/Early Fall we move our "homebase" to Friday Harbor.

Getting to and From

Friday Harbor on San Juan Island

The town of Friday Harbor is the heart of the San Juan Islands. Friday Harbor is quiet and quaint, yet bustling and full of energy. It is the quintessential Island Town nestled into a breathtaking natural setting on San Juan Island.

During Late Summer/Early Fall we move our "homebase" to Friday Harbor.

If you can swing it, we recommend staying in Friday Harbor at least one evening before or after your adventure on Hopscotch!

Getting here is easy!

Getting to Friday Harbor from Seattle can be a lot of fun. Depending on your time and budget constraints. 


Option 1) Rent a car (or if you're local drive your own!) in Seattle, and drive to the Ferry terminal in Anacortes Washington. You'll park your car in the lot (Approx $15 per day) at the ferry.  Here is the Washington State Ferry Schedule.  Then walk onto the ferry which is about an hour ride to Friday Harbor. To be safe, you'll want to leave Seattle 2 hours before the ferry departure time (at a minimum).


Option 2) Take the Victoria Clipper direct from downtown Seattle to Friday Harbor. The clipper arrives at about noon in Friday Harbor. Check out the schedule here: https://www.clippervacations.com/seattle-san-juan-island-ferry/


Option 3) Take a Kenmore Air Seaplane from Downtown Seattle to Friday Harbor. Some people don't like small planes, but if they don't bother you, this is truly one of the prettiest flights you can take anywhere. https://www.kenmoreair.com/


Option 4) Take the clipper to FH (or Back), and fly the other direction on Kenmore Air.