San Juan Islands Adventure

Week 22

When: August 30-Sept 1

What: 5 nights/6 days sailing adventure through the San Juan Islands

Where: Start in Friday Harbor, SAn Juan Island, Washington

End in Rosario Resort, Orcas Island Washington

Who: Lindsay and Partner


For Details about getting to and from Friday Harbor please visit our Friday Harbor Page, and make travel arrangements accordingly.


Schedule and the Three "w"s

We want you to remember your time in the San Juans as one of the most wonderful and relaxing adventures of your life. We have a schedule that we "try" to stick to, but we almost never do entirely! The main reason we don't is because of the three W's...Wind, Weather, and Whales! This usually means that we are having too much fun sailing, watching whales, or enjoying a lazy day on the beach to hurry off to our next stop, so we are flexible and always try to make the best of any situation that comes our way!


Please Plan on arriving in Bellingham (or Seattle) one day prior to the BEGINNING of your Charter Date (Sunday at 2:00 pm). We recommend this so that flight and other travel delays do not cause us to start your trip late.

  • Day 1: Thursday

    • 12 PM: Meet at Popeye the Seal! 204 Front St, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 in Friday Harbor, 200 Yards Northwest of the Washington State Ferry Terminal.
    • 12:30 PM: After a getting settled and going over a few details we will depart Friday Harbor and head for Stuart Island.
    • Early Evening: We arrive Stuart Island and have time to explore, paddle, hike, or just relax and take in the views before dinner.


  • Day 2: Friday

    • We Depart Stuart around 11 am and head South towards Sucia Island. Along the way we will sail as much as possible, and go past Speiden Island where we hope to see Mouflon and other crazy exotic animals!
    • Sucia Island is an incredibly beautiful State Park with miles of hiking trails, and wonderful paddling opportunities. 
  • Day 3: saturday 

    • Arriving at noon, Rosario Resort has something for everyone. There are two great restaurants at Rosario Resort to choose from! If you'd rather explore more culinary options, the town of Eastsound is just a cab ride away! 
    • Rosario has a wonderful spa/pool/hot tub! Please pack your bathing suit!


  • What to Bring: 
    • We recommend packing like you are going to San Francisco in the Summer Time! Most of the time shorts and a t-shirt or sweatshirt will be perfect. Evenings you may want pants or sweats. We value comfort over style on Hopscotch, and nobody is going to judge you for wearing the same thing twice (or all week!). 
    • Shoes, or barefoot is fine on board. On land, tennis shoes, are usually great. Hiking boots are not really necessary in the San Juans. Flip flops are great for the Islands, but we don't recommend wearing them on board (too many things to get caught on).
    • We have plenty of sunscreen, and extra toiletries on board, but please feel free to bring your own as well!
    • Unfortunately Hair Dryers and Electric (plug in) Razors tend to use a lot of electricity so we try to minimize use of those...but every other day we are at a Marina with shower facilities. 
    • Please bring any Hard Alcohol you wish to consume. We've got you covered on Beer and Wine. But if you have particular Wine/Beer that you would like to bring, please feel free.
  • Other Expenses: Prices include all food (you are responsible for one meal "out on the town" in Friday Harbor), beverages, gear, and supplies. You will need to make travel arrangements to and from Bellingham, Washington (or give us a call and we'll help you out!). Prices do not include any of the following (if you choose to): alcohol, fishing licenses, or crew gratuities. 
  • Gratuity: In the Charter industry, if service was excellent, it is customary to leave a %15-20 Gratuity on the total cost of the Charter. If service was less than excellent, we ask that you speak with us about it.





  • To secure and confirm your Charter, we require that you make a 50% deposit (of the price of your Charter) upon Booking.
  • Your remaining balance (50%) is due 90 days prior to your Charter start date. Up until 90 days you may cancel your Charter for a full refund.
  • Between 90 and 60 days (prior to your charter start date) you can cancel your trip and receive a 50% refund. If we are able to "Fill your charter" with another party, we will refund your entire amount.
  • Between 60-30 days you can cancel your trip and  we will refund 50% of your charter fee.
  • If you cancel a charter is within 30 days of the start of your charter we will not be able to refund any amount. However we will work with you to re-book your trip for a later date/season.



Here you'll find any special notes about your adventure


We want to plan the perfect trip for you, and you can help! Please take a few moments to tell us more about you, and what you enjoy, and maybe what you don't too! Unfortunately, space on Hopscotch is not infinite, and we are limited in both storage and freezer ability. However, we will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences on food. 

The San Juans offer "something for everyone". Many of our anchorage spots have a number of activities to keep everyone busy. We also have some flexibility in where we choose to go, and what we want to do. So the more we know about you, the more we can plan the perfect adventure!  Thanks!

VERY IMPORTANT: Please forward this link to everyone in your Party. Please have each person in your party fill out a Guest Preference Form. Thanks!