Delivery Quote and Float Plan


Pacific Seacraft 34’

January, 2019


 Float Plan and Schedule


Hi Paul,

As with all deliveries I do, the safety of the crew, and vessel are the top priority, followed closely by the timely and efficient delivery of your yacht. Below you’ll find a more detailed Float Plan for the delivery from Bellingham to Sequim. I know that cost and your time (and not flying up here!) is a major consideration. Typically Seacraft are very well appointed and seaworthy vessels, and I have no doubt that this delivery should be a piece of cake for your boat. Our biggest challenge will be daylight, and weather. Although it would be possible to do a one day trip, (I just took a 50 footer from Friday Harbor to Seattle (~80 NM in one day). I wouldn’t feel comfortable attempting it in an unfamiliar boat, especially since the final half of the trip (when it would be getting dark) will be in the shipping lanes, and potentially rough conditions. My priority is to get your boat to it’s destination in better shape than it left the dock in.

Considering the time of year, daylight hours, and distance to travel my plan would be to do this delivery in two days, with a stop over in Fisherman’s Bay on Lopez Island for the night. However, if things were lining up perfectly, and it looked like a good time to cross the straights we could consider making it a one day trip. The Shortest distance from Bellingham to John Wayne is 46.7 NM, and based on an average speed of 4.5 kts (I just used this to account for current, and if we try to sail at all)…is your cruising speed closer to 5.5? It would take us almost 10.5 hours. Most of January we only have about 9 hours of sunlight. Also, for a delivery of this sort, I always have a crew along with me for safety sake, especially this time of year.

Logistically, I’ll be leaving and returning from Kingston (across from Edmonds), which is actually pretty convenient, and cost effective because I can take the train from Edmonds to Fairhaven, then from Sequim to Kingston there is a public bus.

Float Plan

The biggest factor in the float plan, especially in January, is weather. As they say, the most dangerous thing on a sail boat is a calendar, so it’s great that you can be flexible on dates in January.

Basically, my biggest concern is crossing the Straights in good weather. Ideally we’ll have a nice high pressure system that sticks around for 4-5 days. This would allow us to “Make the Call” and get up to Bellingham, and depart. There’s usually at least one or two of these events in January, where we will get a nice calm few days. Our other weather window would be if we had a clear…but very cold, NE wind out of the Frasier River….this would get us to Sequim in no time…but often this is when Sequim actually gets snowed on…so we’ll see about this option! I’ve crossed the straights many times in South Easterlies, and as long as it’s not too spirited, it’s just fine, but not ideal. Basically, my concern is that we go when we have a “Stable” weather window, with no room for surprises. January is usually just cold, and not too stormy, so we should have some good opportunities.

Below are two courses, one to Fisherman’s Bay on Lopez Island, from Bellingham, the other is Lopez to Sequim. I chose Fisherman’s Bay because it’s the closest dock to the Straights and has services in case we need supplies/repairs. It’s possible, that would could also go and Anchor in Watmough Bay (SE side of Lopez), if things are going really smoothly.

Squalicum Harbor to Fisherman’s Bay


Fisherman’s Bay to John Wayne



This is the full schedule that myself and my crew would try to stick to.

  • Day 0: The weather window is looking good. You and I talk on the phone, and decide “It’s a go!”

  • Day 1 :

    • Depart Kingston on 7 AM Ferry to Edmonds

    • Depart Edmonds on 8:11 am train to Bellingham

    • Arrive Bellingham 9:49 AM, Uber to Boat

    • 10 AM- 11 AM: Familiarize with boat/systems, engine check, rig check, safety equipment check.

    • Depart Squalicum Harbor at 11:30

    • Arrive Fishermen’s Bay, Lopez Island, late afternoon.

  • Day 2:

    • Depart Lopez at first light, approx 7am.

    • Arrive John Wayne Marina early afternoon.

    • Tidy/Clean/Sqyuare away the boat.

    • Cab to Downtown Sequim

    • Catch the Dungeness line at 1:45 PM

    • Arrive Kingston 3:10 PM


  • $30

    • 2 tickets on Amtrak to Bellingham

  • $10

    • Uber from Fairhaven to Squalicum Harbor

  • $34

    • Lopez Islander Marina 1 night moorage

  • ~$20

    • Dungeness Line Ticket back to Kingston

  • $400

    • 2 days Captain Fees ($200/Day)

  • $300

    • 2 day Crew Fees ($150/Day)

Total Estimate: $794.00

Usually I require deposit of $1000 dollars for incidentals, safety equipment, and fuel. But since this is such a short trip, I’l just save any receipts (fuel, oil, etc), and send them to you after, if there are any.

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