It’s that time of year in the PNW. Too early for Damon, too late for The Gorge, Too warm to ski, but just right for a Fall Nuker.

You’re doing the weekly commute to Double Bluff, the late afternoon sessions at Mags, Dawn patrol at edmonds, but you just want a little more... Come explore aN AMAZING place that’s right in your backyard. no cars/traffic involved, just kiting, sailing, great food, and awesome company.


Read This (really):

It’s the last weekend of our 2019 Charter Season, and we want to have some fun! Here’s what we normally do, and this, but we want to do a little less hand holding, and a little more adventuring to finish off our year! So, we’re doing a kiter-only trip in the San Juans at the end of October! We love to kite, surf, and generally play in the water. If you’re reading this we’re guessing you do too! Join us for 4 magical days of (hopefully!) kiting, sailing, bonfires, hikes, and great food with fellow kiters…and all for less than a flight to Maui.

  • The Cliff Notes:

    • 4 Days/3 Nights, Thursday Evening, through Sunday Afternoon.

      • Hopscotch can take 6 guests in 3 cabins. Each Cabin has a head (bathroom) and a bed that fits two adults. We recommend that you sign up for this trip with someone who you are comfortable sharing a bed with. There are other places to crash: the salon, the cockpit, hammock on deck… and you’re kiters, so you are tough, and have spent collective years camped next to train tracks, so sleeping on a boat is nothing.

        • We’re charging $500 Bucks per person. or if you can get six friends all together, it’s $2500 for the “whole boat”.

          • Non-kiting spouses/partners are certainly welcome to join, as long as they know that we’re focused on finding wind! There is plenty to do while you’re out kiting (hiking, beaching, reading, etc)

        • No kids, sorry:( but if you want to bring the family/kids, then talk to us about booking another private trip!

        • No dogs sorry:( but mine might be there!

        • Chef Branden will be on board to make you amazing food!

          • The only thing that’s not covered is your Dinner Thursday Evening, and your Breakfast Friday morning.

          • You’ll also need to bring your own beer/wine/liquor, and any other specific foods/snacks that you just can’t live without.

        • There’s more “fine print” at the bottom of the page…please make sure you read that as well.



  • Thursday, October 24th

    • Depart America on the 6 PM Ferry from Anacortes and arrive Friday Harbor at 7:20 PM. We HIGHLY recommend that you walk aboard and leave your car in Anacortes.

      • If you are new to ferrys, or the San Juan Ferrys in particular, please check out our Getting To Friday Harbor page

      • If you can’t carry all your gear, than you’re bringing too many kites, too many boards, or too many clothes. Two kites, two boards, that should be plenty:)

    • 7:30 PM: Drop your gear on Hopscotch which will be docked at the Port of Friday Harbor (a two minute walk from the Ferry Landing).

    • 8:00 PM: Meet at San Juan Brewing for beer and pizza.

    • Thursday night we’ll be sleeping aboard Hopscotch and staying at the dock in Friday Harbor.

  • Friday, October 25th:

    • Coffee/Breakfast in town (tons of options)

    • 9 AM: leave the dock (If you couldn’t make it to Friday Harbor Thursday evening, then you will need to be on the 6:20 AM Ferry from Anacortes)

    • 9 AM - Dark: Find wind. Kite. Lunch. Kite. Beach Bonfire. Dinner. More Bonfire.

    • We’ll be anchoring someplace magical for the night…TBD

  • Saturday, October 26th:

    • All Day: Find more wind. Kite. Hike. Paddle Board. Explore. Etc.

    • We’ll be anchoring somewhere magical for the night…TBD

  • Sunday, October 27th:

    • Early: Dawn Patrol

    • Back to Friday Harbor in time for you to catch the 2:15 Ferry back to Anacortes.


  • Unfortunately this trip isn’t for everyone. If you are new to kiting (first/second season), or still consider yourself a beginner, this isn’t the best trip for you. Due to the time of year, possible Nuketober conditions, and potential tricky beaches, you need to be intermediate to advanced…for example this is you:

    • You’ve done “the swim” enough times to know that you don’t like doing “the swim.”

    • You have the skills to launch at Mags by yourself, but the wisdom to know you probably shouldn’t.

    • A semi-regular part of your kiting experience is driving 3 hours to only kite for 10 minutes…but you’d do it again tomorrow.

    • You generally know what beach you should head to just by looking at the number of clouds (or lack of) in the sky.

    • Terms like RB, DB, Shredmonds, Mags, GG, all mean something to you and elicit an emotional reaction.

  • Likelihood of kiting - Guaranteed Possibility

  • Likelihood of getting skunked - Guaranteed Possibility

  • Likelihood of having a great time - 100%

  • Just by visiting this page (and also the waiver you’ll sign) you are taking full responsibility for your safety and actions. You also absolve Sail Northwest from any and all responsibility while you are kiting (or preparing to). You also acknowledge that most hospital visits in the San Juans require a helicopter ride which may or may not be covered by your insurance.

  • The Captain has the final say on when, where, and who goes kiting. Your Safety, the boats safety, and your gears safety (in that order) are our top priority. There are plenty of places in the San Juans that look like they’d be great for kiting, but due to currents, eddies, land/launch conditions, they are a no-go, we won’t be making any risky moves that would jeopardize anyone’s’ safety.

  • All kiting will be done from the beach (no boat launches/landings), accessed by the dinghy.