Sailing from Juneau to Ketchikan will be a journey you'll never forget. This adventure packs all of SE Alaska into one incredible excursion where we'll see glaciers, bears, whales, and real Alaskans towns. 

Southeast Excursion Itinerary

10 Days/ 9 Nights (2 at Hotel)

Day 1: Arrive in Juneau! Our Southeast Excursion begins in Juneau, and ends a few hundred miles South in Ketchikan. Your first (and last) evening you'll be staying at a hotel in fun, historic, and beautiful downtown Juneau and Ketchikan. 

Day 2: On the second day of your adventure we will depart Juneau and head South into Stephens Passage towards Tracy and Endicot Arm. We'll spend the evening at scenic Wood Spit, in Holkham Bay so that we can get an early start on day three!

Day 3: Glacier Day! We'll head up Tracy Arm or Endicot Arm (Depending on ice conditions) to get up close and personal with a tidewater glacier! These fjords are astonishingly beautiful, and this is certainly a day to have the camera ready! We'll spend the evening in Fords Terror, or Holkham Bay.

Day 4: We'll leave the Glaciers and continue our journey south in Stephens Passage. We'll likely anchor at one of the Brothers Islands, where we can get off and enjoy an incredible hike through the moss filled forest.

Day 5: We'll head Southeast through Fredrick Sound to the fishing village of Petersburg.  This is "Real" Alaska.  We'll spend the night at the dock getting resupplied and exploring town.

Day 6: When we have our "tide gate" open-up we will depart Petersburg and head south through scenic and often bear-filled Wrangell Narrows. We'll continue South to a secluded anchorage near the South entrance of Wrangell Narrows

Day 7: We'll continue our journey Southeast to Thoms Place State Marine Park for some amazing paddling, scenery, and hiking!

Day 8: From Thoms Place we'll head South, winding through some channels and islands until we reach the tiny outpost of Meyers Chuck where we'll anchor for the evening. Meyers Chuck has plenty of great paddling and hiking to keep us busy. 

Day 9: We'll continue our journey South into the bustling town of Ketchikan where you'll spend your last evening on dry land at a downtown Ketchikan hotel. There are tons of restaurants, shops, and trails to keep you more than busy...although we're guessing you'll just want to rest, relax, and reminisce about an incredible journey through the heart of Southeast Alaska.

Day 10: Your journey in SE Alaska may end here, but there's plenty of Alaska left to explore next time!


Part of what makes for a great adventure is not sticking to a set schedule! We pride our operation on being flexible, and adaptable so that we can always make the best of whatever situation the weather, wind, or whales send our way! Our map below gives you a rough idea of our timing, and destinations, but most likely we'll deviate at least a little. Don't forget: we are a sailboat, and that means we're just as much about the journey as we are about the destination!

Wading Bear.jpg

Juneau to Ketchikan

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A  note about alaska

Once you step on board you'll have everything you need, and then some! Our charters are "All inclusive", drinks, gear, even some really good jokes from the Captain! Our Glacier Bay Expedition includes all logistics and fees associated with visiting the Park. Your trip also includes 7 nights on-board Hopscotch, and two at a Juneau Hotel. Prices listed below do not include: tax, crew gratuities, and any hard alcohol you wish to bring on-board with you.

Please contact us for last minute availability and pricing. This pricing table is for "entire yacht" charters. For our "Group Charters" the price is $3800 per guest. Book before January 1st, 2018: $3,230

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  • 2 Guests: $5500/Person. Book before January 1st, 2018: $4675/Person